Revzone Yamaha Motor tuyển dụng 03 vị trí mới tại Hà Nội

Revzone Yamaha Motor tuyển dụng Lễ Tân (part-time), Creative Producer và Event Specialist (full-time) tại Hà Nội

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Revzone tuyển dụng các vị trí mới tại Hà Nội với nội dung mô tả công việc chi tiết như bên dưới. Hãy nhanh tay ứng tuyển để gia nhập Revzone nhé!

Toàn bộ hồ sơ và CV vui lòng gửi về:


Mô tả công việc:

– Tiếp nhận thông tin khách hàng, nhập liệu tạo đơn hàng lên hệ thống
– Thực hiện & theo dõi quy trình làm dịch vụ & thanh toán của khách hàng tại xưởng dịch vụ
– Chăm sóc khách hàng sau khi sử dụng dịch vụ, nhắc khách hàng lịch bảo dưỡng chăm sóc xe định kì
– Tổng hợp chứng từ, sắp xếp giấy tờ.

Yêu cầu:

– Tốt nghiệp THPT trở lên
– Thời gian làm việc tối thiểu 5-6 buổi/tuần
– Ưu tiên nữ, có tinh thần trách nhiệm, chịu khó học hỏi



  • Shooting (40% – Video & Photo)
    – Collaborate with content team to determine and plan shooting needs and requirements;
    – Prepare and set up equipment prior to filming;
    – Perform video shooting and photo shooting;
    – Involved in planning, preparing and rehearsing scenes (if any);
    – Following camera scripts;
    – Creatively framing and capturing action;
  • Editing (50%)
    – Collaborate with Content team to approve/ edit script, editing time codes, and visual effects;
    – Create videos with provided footage;
    – YouTube video master editing;
    – Review recorded live streaming footage and select scenes that are suitable to the topic of each episode and follow the defined project strategy;
    – Consult and advise throughout post-production (motion graphic & VFX);
    – Direct dialogue and caption subtitle placement;
    – Choose and add the right music and sound effects to create creative and interesting content;
    – Responsible for the use of copyrighted images and audios; and report immediately to Line manager when the videos may contain the elements of copyright infringement;
    – Be creative, follow trend of video content consumption, and adapt to new trend on the production
  • Other Tasks (10%)
    – Upload videos on YouTube and other platforms (if any);
    – Work closely and effectively with assigned Creator team to achieve the quantity and quality objectives;
    – Research and give constructive feedback to improve the quality and productivity of production team;
    – Manage all devices, equipment provided by the company.


– Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing/ Communication/ Journalism;
– Advantage for experience in producing YouTube program/channel/episodes;
– At least 2-3 years of equivalent experience;
– Enjoy updating new video footage, new video storytelling methods;
– Flexible, agile, withstand work pressure;
– English communication skills are an advantage;
– Ready to work with brainstorm to improve products better.



– Contribute to brainstorm and implement event plant from start to finish according to theme
– Prepare & execute medium and small-scale activities
– Communicate and negotiate with different vendors or suppliers regularly
– Traveling required up to 60% for site check, touring, community tour, long tour and short tour
– Develop & maintain relationship with riders’ community
– Ensure the annual calendar of event delivered in both online webinars and physical event to generate traffic & brand awareness
– Coordination of creative materials for all events, on and offsite
– Control all suppliers for events, set up F&B preparation, organize event area.
– Make sure that legal, insurance and safety obligation are followed
– Gather, report, and share best practices after marketing activates


– Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or Communication
– At least 2 years proven experience in event or experimental marketing
– A2 driving license is a must & motorcycle knowledge preferred
– Having work experience in event agency is a plus
– Ability to handle multiple tasks at once
– Should be highly social and great at building relationships with anyone.
– Ability to coordinate with different vendors & find sponsor for the event
– Excellent organizations skills required
– Ability to work to deadlines and under pressure.

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